Jeff Lau

劉俊業先生Mr. Jeff Lau Chun Yip

He is project manager and one of the co-founders of Dr.PLAY, graduated from recreation and leisure studies at the University of North Texas, minor in Psychology, and MBA program at the University of Leicester. He has been serving different social welfare organizations, religious institutions (camp), and games communion educational institutions work in the last 10 years. He also active in assisting the company's management training and participating in different types of sports.

現為Dr. PLAY活動經理兼共同創辨人之一,畢業於美國北德州大學娛樂休閒和游憩研究課程,副修心理學及英國萊斯特大學企業管理碩士課程。回港十年曾於社福機構,宗教機構(營地)及遊戲共融教育機構工作。亦活躍於協助帶領商界公司管理層的訓練及熱心參與不同類型的運動。

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