王詠詩博士 Winnie Wong

Dr. Winnie Wing Sze Wong is received a Ed.D. and master’s degree in Leisure, Youth and Human Services Administration from the University of Northern Iowa. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in social work at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She is the founder and Executive Director of Play Infinity. Play Infinity is an organization dedicated to promoting play as a means of recreation, education and counseling. Encouraging the development of a play culture in Hong Kong, Play Infinity provides a number of custom-made programs for children, youth, adults and older person. Her recent publishing are “Play Infinity-101 Creative Games”, “Play Infinity-60 Interactive Fun Games”, “Play Infinity-Family Games and Play”, and “Play Infinity-78 Parent Child Games”. She has been teaching at School of Continuing Studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong and complementary courses at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She has worked for TREATS (Hong Kong), an organization dedicated to integrating youth with and without disabilities through recreation and play. She served as the Executive Director of the Trinity Theatre. She participated in the forum theatre, playback theatre, theatre sport, movement therapy, and nature discovery. Her specialties include enhancing parent-child relationship, helping youth growth, team building and teachers games training. She is actively establishing and connecting local and overseas network and building partnership in between indigenization of play-related resources and culture.

Tel : 3996 9944