Dr. PLAY provides corporate training to help corporates enhance teamwork and establish a high-quality corporate culture.

Corporates, organizations, and institutions, including publicly listed companies, private enterprises, non-profit organizations, and chambers of commerce, seek to achieve various goals through Dr. PLAY's play-based training. These goals include deepening understanding, addressing and overcoming work-related challenges, improving team communication, and fostering cohesion, among others. Our training work relies on our team's unity and collaboration.

We believe that in order to help others build teams, we must first have a united and joyful team ourselves! This also serves as a demonstration of Dr. PLAY's unique spirit of play-based teamwork to corporates.

We have conducted trainings on different topics for banks, insurance companies, accounting firms, and advertising agencies, among others. These topics include team-building, communication, stress management, goal setting, management, and creating a positive work environment.

By incorporating theory, recreational elements, and interactive games into the training, we aim to establish a training system and culture that are tailored to each individual corporate.