Education Bureau announced the "Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guide", requiring half-day and full-time kindergartens to arrange for children to participate in Free Play for no less than 30 minutes and 50 minutes per day respectively. The demand for free play training in kindergartens has increased. Promoting free play in schools has become a big trend.

We can provide one-time or continuous training (half a year or one year) for schools including: workshops, joint-lesson preparation, lesson observation and curriculum consulting services (Opinion Feedback).

Dr. PLAY School-based Free PLAY Training (Tailor-Made Free Play Training for schools)

1. Free PLAY Experience Workshop(3 Hours)

2. Continuous Free PLAY Training

         a. Free PLAY Workshop

         b. Joint-Lesson Preparation(Free PLAY Rules, Material Use, Environment Set Up, Questioning Skills and Explanation Skills)

         c. Class Observation

         d. Feedback

1. Free PLAY Experience Workshop(3 Hours)

2. Free PLAY Workshop

3. Parenting Free PLAY Fun Day

Free PLAY Fun Day

Free PLAY Workshop with Parents and Students