This course introduces games, including their history, theories, trends, and opportunities.

Upon successful completion of the course, each participant will be able to:
1. Understand the needs and personal growth of participants.
2. Design diverse game activities.
3. Introduce overseas games and related tools to create localized games.
4. Establish a database of participant game profiles.

The class primarily consists of teacher lectures, student presentations, and discussions. There are no exams.

1. Reading
2. Presentations
3. Reflective essays

Suitable for parents, teachers, social workers, educators, and corporate trainers.

Accredited Play Specialist Certificate Course (Pewter Level -> Bronze Level -> Silver Level -> Gold Level -> Diamond Level)

Dr. PLAY Accredited Play Specialist & Dr. PLAY Accredited Play Based Happy School

"Geoffrey shared a case that made me reflect on how I have been overprotective of my child, not allowing her potential to be fully realized. When I let go and allow her to express her strengths through play, she created an incredible video that amazed everyone. In the video, she confidently faced the camera and taught how to make clothes. My daughter had a speech impediment, but in the video, without a script or rehearsal, she was able to express herself fluently. After watching the video, both my husband and I cried. From this 'Dr. PLAY Accredited Play Specialist Certificate Course,' I learned the importance of letting go, and it helped my daughter and myself relax, making our family much happier! Many thanks to Dr. Win Win and Geoffrey for wholeheartedly introducing the concept of games to us parents and making us truly understand the importance of letting go. I am deeply grateful! I also hope that more schools can introduce the 'Dr. PLAY Accredited Play Specialist Certificate' course to help more parents."

BoBo Liu

Parent of a Grade 1 Student

"This class made me understand the importance of intrinsic motivation. To get children to willingly engage in learning, we must find something they are interested in and can focus on, and combine the two! Of course, this is not an easy task and requires practice and experimentation, but I will work hard at it! We can learn so much through play, not just knowledge from textbooks. In the future, I will remind myself to encourage them to create, showcase their talents, and discover their abilities! High-quality parental support is essential. Even with limited time, children can feel the love and care from their parents! A childhood surrounded by love and a strong sense of security will enable them to face any difficulties bravely and positively as they grow up. Because they know that there will always be a home behind them, a strong backing, and unlimited support from family! I highly recommend this course to all moms and dads, and even have their children join in!"

Kiwi Kwong

Parent of Grade 1 and Grade 2 Students

"After each class, I go home and play games with my son. Surprisingly, my son had just started learning about length (in centimeters), and despite teaching him several times seriously, he was still confused. I decided to play with him using a tape measure, and to my surprise, he learned it quickly. Compared to the serious teaching approach that didn't work, he learned it instantly through play, and he enjoyed it. He even said to me, 'Mom, this method is great! Are there more?' So, we played with a tape measure all evening. I realized that appropriate letting go can make things better. Learning through fun games can truly be more effective, and I even have a few less gray hairs now. The saying '勤有功戲無益' is not always true. "

Cici Wan

Parent of a Grade 1 Student

"I believe that the 'Dr. PLAY Accredited Play Specialist Certificate Course' should be implemented as early as possible. The earlier parents know that games are a discipline and can make children learn happily, acquire knowledge easily, and develop creative and flexible abilities, the better. Now that I have completed this 'Certificate Course,' it reminds me of the wish I had when my son was born, which was for him to be healthy and happy. I hope to always keep this initial intention, allowing my son to have a healthy, happy life of his own rather than living the brilliant life I want for him. I think this course is truly wonderful. Thank you!"

Lisa He

Parent of a Grade 4 Student

"Being able to participate in Dr. PLAY Accredited Play Specialist Certificate Course was enjoyable and fulfilling. During the process of playing, I felt that everyone could let go of their usual selves and become their innocent selves again. I really hope that parents and children, especially during the rebellious teenage years, can play together. Even elementary school students can design games for parents, which would bring them closer and allow for more gains."

Kero Lau

Parent of a Grade 5 Student