Dr. PLAY Character Kids Educational Game Set Space Theme

🥳The latest 🥳 Dr. PLAY "Character Kids Educational Game Set”

🌟 Space Theme Box (suitable for 5 years old or above)

How can we help shy children better express themselves?
How can we help children be more sharing and empathetic?
How can we make clean up engaging and rewarding?

Dr. PLAY Character Kids Educational Game Set is a boardgames for children aged 3-6 to learn character while playing. There are four games in each box, including 4 English words: A - Acceptance, B - Being friends, C - Cooperation Cooperation, D - Do the right things (self-care).

🎯 Goals
✌A - Acceptance: Accept friends who are different, with different races or with special needs.
✌B - Being friends: Learn to take the initiative to make friends.
✌C - Cooperation: Cooperate with others.
✌D - Do the right things (self-care): Learn to take self-care and do housework, including: tidying socks, toys and making beds, etc.

💯 Features:
🔥 Exclusively developed by Dr. Win Win of Dr. PLAY (more than 20 years of game teaching experience).

🔥All card and game instruction in both Chinese and English, tips for parents, teachers and educators

🔥The entire game series is a positive character course based on 26 alphabets and the first phase of product launch is for the alphabets from A to D.

🔥It can be used for course teaching by schools or educational centers.

🔥Extended activities and 20 learning points

🌟 Space theme box game demonstration: (Please scroll down to the description column below.)


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Dr. PLAY Character Kids Educational Game Set Space Theme

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