3-5-year-old children love to explore new things, 6-8-year-old children love to be creative, and 9-12-year-old children are starting to put logic into their thinking.

Dr. PLAY aims to introduce PLAY Education and play research from the United States to Hong Kong. Children can explore and ask questions in a relaxed and pleasant environment, without being discouraged by failure, and improve children's ability to solve problems and dare to challenge, Raise up their self-identity, self-confidence and expressive ability and cultivate the spirit of little scientists.

Our research-based STEM curriculum was developed by the Center for Early Development Education at the University of Northern Iowa.

Curriculum's Themes: 18 themes such as Ramps and pathway, Bubbles, Food Chemistry, Physics of Sound, Water Movement, Air Dynamic, Electricity, Block play, Touch, Mirrors and Reflections and Gear etc.